Der Stift

1,2,3,4) Nun/50.[#8] The pen and what they say/make legendary[#9] is the evidence that; by the favor of your Rabb, you are not a person who is supported by secret forces/is madman. Indeed, you are upon endless rewards for which you are not under a debt of gratitude. And indeed, you are upon a great moral character.[#10]
5,6,7,8) And soon you will see which of you has thrown himself into fire by going astray from the true religion, they will see too. Surely, your Rabb is the One Who knows best who goes astray from His path. And He is the One Who knows best who followed the righteous path by being guided. So, do not obey those who deny the day of Akhirat [Afterlife]!
9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16) They wished that you would flatter them, they would flatter you at once. Do not obey any of those despicable parasites who swear too much, who are scornful, mocker, slanderer, backbiter, mischievous, who seek scandals, who prevent the good for they have wealth and sons, who are aggressive, who waste their time/who delay the good/who are reluctant for the good/who harm, who are rude/greedy and who are sealed with evil. When Our Ayat are recited to him, that one who denies Akhirat [Afterlife] said: "Legends of the former ones". We will soon aggrieve him.[#11]
17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24) Indeed, We will test them as We tested the companions of the farm: When they swore that they would definitely harvest the crops of the farm in the morning. And they made no exception. Then, there came a wind from your Rabb over the farm while they were asleep. And by the morning, the farm became as reaped/harvested. They called one another in the morning: "Go early in the morning if you should harvest!". Then, they set out, they were whispering among themselves: Do not let any poor come among you!
25,26,27,28,29) They went early with a prohibitive/aggressive attitude. But when they saw the farm, they said: "We have indeed lost/come to a wrong place; no, no, we have been deprived; Allah has punished us!" The best of them said: "Did I not tell you "Do you not purify Allah from deficiencies?".[#13] They said: "Our Rabb, we purify You; truly, we were the ones who do wrong; act against their own good, treat themselves unjustly!".
30,31,32) Then they turned, reproaching each other: "Woe to us! We were indeed transgressors who see themselves like Pharaoh; we hope our Rabb will give us better than it; truly, we turn our all hope to our Rabb."
33) Such is the punishment in the world! Indeed, the punishment of Akhirat [Afterlife] is greater; if only they were among those who know!
34,35) Indeed, for those who have entered under the guardianship of Allah, there are gardens of Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] with abundant blessings with their Rabb. Then, will we make Muslims like sinners?
36,37,38,39) What is the matter with you! How do you judge? Do you have a written document that belongs to you in which you learn, in what it has been guaranteed: "whatever you choose/like in this world, it will definitely be yours"? Or do you have covenants/oaths; commitments from Us for you which will last until the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection] stating "Whatever you judge will definitely happen"?
40,41) Ask those who deny Akhirat [Afterlife], which of them guarantees something like this? Or do they have partners? Then let them bring their partners, if they are truthful.
42,43) On the day when the truth will be laid bare, things will start to be more significant, become serious and they will be invited to submit, they will not be able to. Their eyes will be humbled and a humiliation, disgrace will cover them. Yet, they were invited to submit when they were safe and sound.
44,45) So, leave those who deny this word/the Qur'an to Me! We will seize them from where they do not know. And I give them respite; I give them time, because My plan is sound/firm.
46,47) Or do you ask them a payment so they are burdened by a heavy debt? Or is that which they do not see, which they do not know, which will happen in the future with them, and they write it down?
48,49,50) Then be patient for the decision of your Rabb, do not be like the one who was in distress[#14]. When he called out his Rabb while he was once very distressed. If a favor from his Rabb had not reached to him, he would have had useless, vain, meaningless life as he was condemned. However, his Rabb chose him and made him one of the righteous.
51) Infidels; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb will almost make you slip with their gaze; glower at you when they hear that reminder/the Qur'an and will say "He indeed is a madman/the one whom secret forces support".
52) But the Qur'an is nothing but a reminder to all worlds.