Die Auferstehung

1,2) No, the day of Qiyamat [Death/Resurrection] is the evidence! No, the self who reproaches a lot is the evidence as well!
3,4) Does man think that We will never reassemble his bones? Yes, We are the Ones Who are able to proportion his fingertips/all organs!
5,6) Actually, man desires to spend what is before him; the rest of his life stuck in evil by disbelieving in the religion-faith: He asks: "When is the day of Qiyamat [Death/Resurrection]?"
7,8,9,10) So, when the sight is dazed, the moon is eclipsed and the moon and the sun are joined together, that day man will say "To where is the escape/Where is the place of escape?"
11,12) Certainly not as he thinks! There is no refuge. That day, the destination is only to your Rabb/that day, the place to stay is only before your Rabb.
13) That day, man will be informed with that which he sent ahead and what he left behind.
14,15,16,17,18,19) Truly, man is a very good witness against himself even though he presents his all excuses/he conceals: "Do not move your tongue to hasten it! No doubt that it is only upon Us to combine and gather what you did and what you did not. Then, witness Us when We combine and gather what you did and what you did not! Then, it is also only upon Us to declare what you did and what you did not; to prove with evidence."[#71]
20,21) Certainly not as you think! Truly, you love the world and leave Akhirat [Afterlife].
22,23) There will be faces which will be radiant on that day; at that moment; looking at their Rabb; expecting favor from their Rabb.
24,25) And there will be faces which will be contorted on that day; they will think that a "backbreaking" is done to them.
26,27,28,29,30) Certainly not as they think! When it reaches to the collar bone and it is said "Who is it that finds cure?" and the one who is dying realizes that this is the time of that separation and legs are tangled; that day, only to your Rabb is to be driven.
31,32,33) However, he neither confirmed nor supported. But he denied and turned away. Then he went to those who were close to him, swaggering.
34,35) Devastation is very close to you! Again, devastation is very close to you!
36,37,38,39) Does man think that he will be left neglected? Was not he a drop of semen from a measured semen? Then he was an embryo and then He formed and proportioned him, and made two mates from it; male and female.
40) So, is the One Who does all these not the One Who is able to resurrect the dead?