Tá Há

1) Ta/9, Ha/5.[#138]
2,3,4) We have not sent the Qur'an so that you may be distressed/become unhappy, but as a reminder for the one who fears in awe with respect, love, knowledge, as a revelation from the One Who formed the high heavens/universe and the earth.
5,6) Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created] established dominion on the greatest throne.[#139] All that is in the heavens/universe, on the earth and between them and under the moist soil belongs to Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created].
7,8) If you raise your voice, then surely, Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created] knows what is hidden and what is more hidden. Allah is the One except Whom there is no deity. The best names belong only to Him.
9) Information about Moses has definitely reached to you.
10) When he saw a fire and said to his family, the people close to him: "Indeed, I have perceived a fire. Wait for me so I may bring you a cinder from it or find a guidance at the fire!".
11,12,13,14,15,16) Then, when he came to it, he was called: "Moses! I, it is I Who is your Rabb. So, leave the people who are close to you and your belongings here,[#141] indeed, you are in the purified valley, in Tuwa/a valley cleaned twice. And I have chosen you; then heed that which will be revealed to you; heed the warning of "Surely, I am Allah Himself. There is no deity except Me. Then worship me and establish Salah [establish and maintain the institutions that support financially and spiritually; enlighten the community] to remember me. Indeed, that hour/the Qiyamat [Resurrection] will come. I will almost conceal it so that everyone may be recompensed for his work. So, do not let one who does not believe in Qiyamat [Resurrection] and follows his vain, transitory desire avert you from believing in Qiyamat [Resurrection]; or you will be manipulated/destroyed".[#142]
17) And what is it in your right hand, O Moses?
18) Moses said: "It is my scepter, I lean on it, I bring down leaves for my sheeps and there are other benefits for me in it".
19,24) Allah said: "O Moses! Put it down/adopt a sedentary life by quitting being a shepherd! Go to Pharaoh, indeed he has transgressed".[#143]
20) Then, he put it down immediately/adopted a sedentary life and he marveled at once! What was in his right hand; the book that is revealed to him is a running and living soul; it is the source of the social life.[#144]
25,33,34,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,35) Moses said: "My Rabb! Open my chest, facilitate my work so we may purify you from all deficiencies and remember you frequently. Untie my tongue so they may understand my word well. And from my family; my brother Aaron; make him a minister for me, increase my strength with him. Make him share my task. Indeed, You see us".
36) Allah said: "O Moses! You have been granted what you request".
21,23,22) Allah said: "Hold onto it, do not fear so We may show you of our greatest evidences/signs! We will return it to its first walking path; We will settle those things up, We will not let you have distress. Add it to your strength/wing as another evidence/sign, you will come out perfectly and flawlessly without ugliness".[#145]
37,38,39,40) And indeed, We had done favor to you another time: "Once We had inspired to your mother that which was inspired, 'Place Moses in a chest and cast it in a large body of water/the river, then the large body of water/river[#146] will cast him onto the bank. And the one who is enemy to Me and enemy to him will take him'. And I bestowed upon you love from Me, and when your sister walked and said 'shall I take you to someone who will be responsible for his care?', so you would be raised under My watch. Thus We returned you to your mother so that she might be content and not grieve. And you had killed a person, We had saved you from sorrow. And We purified/matured you. And you remained among the people of Midians for years. Then you came upon a decree; plan, O Moses!
41) And I raised you for Myself.
42) You and your brother; go with my evidences/signs and do not slacken in My remembrance.
43,44) You both go to Pharaoh. He truly has transgressed. Then speak to him softly so he may be reminded and fear in awe with respect, love and knowledge".
45) Moses and Aaron said: "Our Rabb! We fear that he will treat unlawfully against us or that he will transgress".
46,47,48) Allah said: "Do not fear, surely I am with both of you, I hear and see. Go to him immediately and say to him; "Indeed, we are two messengers of your Rabb. Then send Israelites with us and do not torment them; indeed we have come to you with an evidence/a sign from your Rabb. Salam [health, peace, happiness...] is to those who follow the guidance. Surely, it was revealed to us that the punishment will definitely be for one who denies and turns away'".
49) Pharaoh said: "Then who is your Rabb, o Moses?".
50) Moses said: "Our Rabb is the One Who gave each thing its form and properties and then guided".
51) Pharaoh said: "Then, what is the condition of the former generations?".
52,53,54,55,56) Moses said: "The knowledge of them is with my Rabb in a book. My Rabb does not do wrong nor forgets/forsakes. He is the One Who made the earth a cradle for you, made paths on it and sent down a water from the sky". - And We grow many species of plants in couples with that water. Eat and graze your livestock. Indeed there are many evidences/signs in this for those who have intelligence! We formed you from the earth and we will return you to it and bring you out of it once again. - And surely, We showed Pharaoh our evidences/signs; all of them, but he denied and refused.
57,58) Pharaoh said: "O Moses! Have you come here to drive us out of our land with your influential knowledge? Then, we will come to you with an influential knowledge like your influential knowledge.[#147] Now, appoint a time/place for us to meet; it should be a plain and wide place neither you nor we will reject".
59) Moses said: "Meeting time with you is forenoon on the festival and celebration day when people will gather".
60) Then, Pharaoh turned away and put together his plots-plans, then came.
61) And Moses said to them: "Woe to you! Do not invent a lie to Allah. Then He will exterminate your lineage with a punishment. Truly, he who invents will lose".
62,63,64) Then, influential scholars disputed over their work among themselves and concealed their whispers, "Indeed, these two are influential scholars; they want to drive us from our land and destroy our best exemplary path with their influential knowledge. Therefore, gather all your traps together and come in lines. He who overcomes today has definitely won victory".
65) Influential scholars said: "O Moses! Either you will bring forward or we will be first who will bring forward".
66,67) Moses said: "Rather, you, bring it forward". He marveled at once! Their knowledge, old beliefs and hypotheses/useless/trivial knowledge[#148] seemed to him larger than they actually were due to their magic/ingenious presentation. Hence, Moses felt a fear within himself.
68,69) We said: "Do not fear, indeed you; it is you who is superior: Bring forward the knowledge you have; then it will devour their productions. Surely, what they have done is just an trick of an illusion. And the one who impresses through illusion will definitely not win victory, succeed wherever he goes".
70) In the end, all influential scholars were left submitted while they extended their necks, saying: "We have believed in Rabb of Moses and Aaron".
71) Pharaoh said: "Did you believe in him before I gave you permission? Surely, he is your senior who taught you influential knowledge. I swear that I will cut you off the covenants; commitments and indeed I will take you out of your comfortable environment; I will take you out of your business in the city and I will make you agricultural laborer in the date palm farms, I will make you work in the stone pits, in the hardest works. And you will know which of us is more severe and persistent in punishment".
72,73) Influential scholars said: "We will never prefer you over these clear evidences which came to us and the One Who created us from nothing. So, decree whatever you are to decree! You can only decree for this simple worldly life. Indeed, we have believed in our Rabb so He may forgive us for our mistakes and for that which you have forced us to perform of the influential knowledge. And Allah is better and more enduring".
77) And surely We revealed to Moses: "Make my servants walk by night without fearing to be caught and without fearing in awe with respect and love/without being grateful to Pharaoh and make a dry path for them in the large body of water/the river!".
78) Pharaoh followed them with his armies at once and there covered them from the large body of water/the river which covered them.
79) And Pharaoh led his people astray and did not guide them to the righteous path.[#149]
83) What makes you hasten to reach your people, o Moses?
84) Moses said: "They are the ones who follow my track-teachings. And I hastened to You so You may be pleased, my Rabb".
85) Allah said: "Indeed We have tested your people after you. And Samiri has led them astray".
86) Then, Moses returned to his people, angry and grieved; he said: "O my people! Did not your Rabb promise you with a good promise? Was the time too long for you or you wished that your Rabb would not be pleased with you so you broke your promise to me?".
87) They they said: "We did not break our promise to you by ourselves. But we had carried some burdens from the ornaments of those people. Then we threw them. Then Samiri put it in our head".
88,89) And Samiri brought forth to them a deceiver, a trickster corpse/gold[#150] so Israelites said: "This is your idol and idol of Moses. But Moses abandoned it. -So, did they not see that gold could not respond to them with any word; and it did not possess a harm and a benefit for them?-
90,91) Surely, Aaron had said to them before: "O my people! Indeed you have been tested with this/have left the religion and thrown yourselves into the fire. And indeed, your Rabb is Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created]. So follow me and obey my order". People of Aaron said: "We will never cease worshipping it until Moses returns to us".
92,93) Moses said: "O Aaron! What did prevent you from following my path when you saw them going astray? Or have you disobeyed my order?".
94) Aaron said: "O son of my mother! Do not seize my beard and head. Indeed, I feared that you would say 'You caused a division among the Israelites and did not listen to my word'".
95) Then Moses said: "O Samiri! What is it that you have done?".
96) Samiri said: "I realized something that they did not understand so I had taken a handful of the track of the messenger then I threw it. And thus my self enticed me".
97,98) Moses said: "Now go! And it is for you to say for lifetime , 'No contact with me'. And there is an appointment day for you that you will never be able to refuse. And look at your idol you have been worshipping". - Surely We will burn it and then demolish it deep into the large body of water. Your god is only Allah except Whom there is no deity. Indeed, He has encompassed all things in knowledge. -
99,100,101,102,103,104) Thus We relate to you some of the important news of that which preceded. Indeed, We have given you a reminder [the Qur'an] from Ourselves. Whoever stays away from Our Reminder [the Book/the Qur'an], he will definitely bear a burden on the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection]; on that day when the Sur will be blown, in which they will abide eternally. And what a heavy burden is the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection] for them! On that day, We will gather the criminals with their eyes turned blue. They will whisper among themselves: "You remained on the earth only for 'ten days'." -We know better what they will speak among themselves.- Then the one who was the best in way will say: "You remained only for one day".
74) The truth is that whoever returns to his Rabb as criminal, indeed, Jahannah [Hell] will be for him. He will neither die nor resurrect therein.
75,76) And whoever returns to his Rabb having done amendatory deeds while he is a believer, it is those for whom will be the highest degrees, gardens of Eden underneath of which rivers flow. They will stay there forever. And this is the recompense of those who are purified.
80,81,82) O Israelites! We saved you from your enemy and promised you at the right side of the mountain/appointed the right side of the mountain as a meeting place for you. We sent down upon you manna and quails/honey. - Eat clean ones of that which We have provided you and do not transgress in this, then I will be displeased with you. And with whom I am not pleased, he will certainly fall [devastates]. And indeed, I am very forgiving for the one who repents, believes and does righteous deeds and follows the righteous path he is guided.-[#151]
105,106,107) They ask you about the mountains, say: "My Rabb will blow them away. Thus, He will leave them leveled flat, empty. You will not see a hole and an elevation therein".
108) That day, they will follow the inviter that has no deviation, then all voices will be reduced for Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created]. You will hear only a low voice.
109) That day, except for those whom Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created] gives permission and He is pleased in word, no one will get help-support, benefit.
110) Allah knows what was before and what is after those who will not be helped. But they can not encompass Him in knowledge.
111) And people will be humbled for Allah Who is alive and is the One Who always watches over all He created. Those who do wrong; act against their own good by associating others with Allah will absolutely lose.
112) And whoever did amendatory deeds as a believer, they will neither fear injustice nor deprivation of justice.
113) And thus We sent down the Qur'an in Arabic so that they would enter under the guardianship of Allah or that it would constitute a new remembrance. In it, We explained again and again of the warnings with threats.
114) Sublime is Allah Who is the truth, the sole sovereign! Before His revelation to you is completed, do not hasten to recite/teach and say: "My Rabb! Increase me in knowledge".
115) And indeed, We took the covenant of Adam but he forgot it, did not fulfill it and We did not find in him determination.
116) And We once said to natural forces,[#152] "Submit to Adam!", all submitted but Iblis/thinking ability[#153], he refused.
117,118,119) Then We said: "O Adam! Surely, Iblis is enemy to you and your wife. Do not let him lead you out of green, lush gardens/paradise, or you will be devastated. Indeed, that you will not be in distress by being in hunger nor will you be naked is in green, lush gardens/paradise. And you will not be without water and you will not stay under the heat of the sun there".
120) Eventually, satan whispered to him. He said: "O Adam! Should I guide you to the tree of eternity and to the wealth/dynasty that does not get old/collapse?".
121) Then they both became fond of wealth-property, gold.[#154] Then their evil became manifest to each other. Then they started to pile against their own good by being enslaved by their desires even though they knew what they were doing was an evil deed. Adam disobeyed his Rabb so he confused/transgressed.
122) Then his Rabb chose him and accepted his repentance and guided him to the righteous path.
123) Allah said to both of them: "Descend from there, being enemies to each other. And whoever follows My guidance when a guidance comes to you from Me, then he will not go astray and he will not become unhappy".
124,125,126) Whoever avoids My remembrance, indeed he will live a hard, depressed living/life. On the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection], We will gather him blind at the gathering area of day of Qiyamat [Resurrection]. He will say: "My Rabb! Why have you brought me to this place blind whereas I was seeing?" And Allah will say: "Thus it is, you received Our Ayat but you abandoned them; and today you are being abandoned/recompensed in the same way.
127) And thus We recompense those who transgressed and denied the Ayat of your Rabb. And the punishment of Akhirat [Afterlife] is truly more severe and more enduring.
128) Then, have all those generations We destroyed before them, in the dwellings of whom they walk around, not become a guidance for them? Indeed, there are many evidences in this for those who have reason.
129) And if not for the Word[#155] from your Rabb and the end of a predetermined term, it would have been inevitable.
130) Then be patient over what they say and introduce Allah/teach them with praise of your Rabb that He is purified from all deficiencies before the sunrise and before the sunset as well so you may be content! Introduce Allah/teach at certain periods in the night and at both ends of the day that He is purified from all deficiencies!
131) And do not extend your eyes/covet for the wealth, properties and children that We have given for enjoyment to some couples among them as ornaments of the simple worldly life to test them. And the provision of your Rabb is better and more enduring.
132) And instruct your family, relatives to fulfill Salah [support financially and spiritually; strive to enlighten the community] and you, be steadfast in it too. We do not ask you for provision. We provide for you. And outcome is for "being under the guardianship of Allah".
133,134) And the deniers said: "Why does this person, who alleges to be the messenger, not bring us an evidence/a sign from his Rabb?". Have the explicit evidences which were in the first scriptures not come to them? And had We manipulated/destroyed them with a punishment before this, they would certainly have said: "O our Rabb! If only you had sent us a prophet so we could have followed Your Ayat before we became humiliated and disgraced!"
135,1,2,3,4,5,6,7) Say: "Everyone waits. So you, wait too. Indeed, you will know who owns the sound path and who follows the righteous path he is guided soon; when that event occurs - and no one denies the occurrence of that event. That event is what brings down, raises - when the earth is shaken with shaking and mountains are broken down,crumbling and turn to dust and when you become three equivalent classes, you will know.