The Cave

1,2,3,4) All praise is to Allah Who has sent down to His servant the Book which He has not made any deviance for Himself as a guardian to warn against severe punishment from Himself, and to give the good tidings to the believers who do amendatory deeds that there will be a good reward for them in which they will abide eternally and to warn those who say, "Allah has taken child"; no one else may be praised.
5) Neither they nor their ancestors have any knowledge at all concerning that Allah has taken child. How big is the word that comes out of their mouths! They only lie.
6) Then, you would almost devastate yourself out of sorrow because of what they do if they do not believe in this Qur'an!
7) Indeed, We made what is on the earth, that which is adornment for it so We may test the people as to which of them will be better in deeds.
8) And no doubt that We will make that which is on the earth a barren ground.
32) And present to them an example of two men: We gave one of them two vineyards of all kinds of grapes and bordered two vineyards with date palms. And We made between them a field for crops.
33) And both gardens produced their crops without any deficiency. And We made a river flow between them.
34) And there was another income for the owner of these two vineyards. Therefore he said to his companion while he was talking to him: "I am greater than you in wealth and stronger than you in number of men".
35,36) And this man entered his vineyard while he was treating himself unjustly: "I do not think that this will ever perish. And I do not think that the Hour will come. And even if I would assume that I was taken to my Rabb, I would certainly find a better consequence than this".
37,38,39,40,41) And his companion said to him while he was talking to him: "Do you not believe in the One Who formed you from dust and then a drop of water/liquid and made you a mature human? But as for me; He is my Rabb, Allah. And I do not associate anyone with my Rabb. Why did you not say, when you entered your vineyard: "What Allah wills, happens! There is no authority but Allah!" Although you see me less than you in wealth and children, maybe my Rabb will give me a better one than your vineyard. And He will send a calamity upon yours from the sky so your vineyard becomes a slippery ground. Or the water of your vineyard will be drawn into the ground so you will never be able to seek it".
42,43) And that man who owned those two vineyards was surrounded/ruined with his wealth. Thereafter, he wringed his hands for the expenses he made to his vineyard. The garden collapsed upon its trellises and he was saying: "O woe to me! If only I had not associated anything with my Rabb". There was no people to help from among those that are inferior to Allah for that person. And he was not the one who was capable of avenging for himself/helping himself.
44) Dominion/help, protection, guidance belong only to Allah Who is the truth. He is the best in rewarding and the best in penalty.
45) And you, present to them the example of simple worldly life: That simple worldly life is like a water that We send down from the sky and plants of the earth mingle because of it then it becomes a remnant which wind scatters. And Allah is the One Who makes all things to accept His power.
46) Wealth and sons are adornment of the simple worldly life. But, enduring amendatory deeds are better in merit and in hope with your Rabb.
47) And on the day when We will move mountains; you will see the earth barren/completely flat. We will gather them together. Thus We will not leave anyone from them.
48) And they will be presented to your Rabb in rows: "Indeed, you have come to Us as We formed you first time. Actually, you wrongfully believed that We would not make a meeting time for you".
49) And the Book/the book of deeds will be placed. You will see the criminals fearful of it. And they will say: "O woe to us! What kind of book is this that it has enumerated all without leaving anything, small-great". And they will find what they did present. And your Rabb does not treat anyone unjustly.
27) And you, recite/follow what you are revealed from the book of your Rabb! There is none who will change the words of your Rabb. And you will not find a refuge from among those that are inferior to Him.
28) Keep yourself patient with those who invoke their Rabb continuously, asking for the countenance of their Rabb. Do not turn your stare away from them, desiring adornments of the simple worldly life. And you, do not follow one, heart of whom We have made careless/apathetic from Our remembrance, who follows his vain, transitory desire and whose affair is transgression.
29) And say: That truth is from your Rabb. So whoever wills, let him believe and whoever wills, let him consciously deny/disbelieve". Indeed, We have prepared a fire, walls of which will surround them for those who do wrong; act against their own good by associating others with Allah. And if they wish that it should rain, a water that scalds faces like molten metal will be rained. How an evil drink it is! How an evil place to seek refuge!
30) Indeed, those who have believed and done amendatory deeds; surely, We will not let be lost the reward of those who do well in deeds.
31) They are the ones for whom will be gardens of Eden underneath of which rivers flow. They will be adorned with bracelets of gold while they recline on their couches, wear green garments of thin and thick silk. How an excellent recompense it is! And how a good place to reside![#282]
9) Have you thought that the Companions of the Great Cave and the Companions of Al-Raqim/the Inscription are among Our astonishing evidences/signs?
10) When those brave men took refuge in the Great Cave, they said: "Our Rabb! Grant us a mercy from Yourself and give us maturity and thoughtfulness in our affair".
11) Thereafter, We cast over their ears in that great cave for many years.
12) Then, We sent the Companions of Al-Raqim/the Inscription in order to declare/mark and show which of two groups would calculate the time better which they remained.
13,16) We will relate to you the important news of the Companions of Al-Kahf and the Companions Al-Raqim in truth. Indeed, they were a few young men who believed in their Rabb. And We increased them in guidance: "Now that you have abandoned them and that which they worship other than Allah, then seek refuge in that great cave so your Rabb may spread out for you His mercy and facilitate your affairs and prepare that which is beneficial".
14,15) And We made their hearts firm when they rose up and said: "Our Rabb is Rabb of the heavens/universe and the earth. We do not invoke those that are inferior to Him as deity otherwise we would speak nonsense. Those who have taken gods from among those that are inferior to Allah are our people. Why do they not bring clear evidence about the gods that they have taken? Who can do more wrong; act more against his own good than the one who invents a lie about Allah?".
17) And you will see that outcome is good when a work is done compliant with revelation; otherwise it will be nonsense. They were in a wide open space from it. This is among the evidences/signs of Allah. Whomever Allah guided, then he has followed the righteous path he was guided. And whomever Allah led astray, then you will never find a Familiar Person who would guide him.
18) And if you had seen the Companions of Al-Raqim, you would have thought that they were awake. Yet they were asleep. And We turned them to the right and the left. And their dog extended its forelegs at the entrance. If you had known about their situation well, you would have moved away from them, fleeing and you have been filled with fear in awe.
19,20) And We sent the companions of inscription so they might question among themselves. A speaker from among them said: "How long have you remained?". Others said: "We have remained for a day or a fraction of a day". Others from among the companions of the inscription: "Your Rabb knows better how long you have remained. Now send one of you with this silver money of yours to the city, let him look to whatever food is cleaner, let him bring you food from it. And let him treat politely and let not him make one be aware of you. Indeed, if the people of the city prevail over you, they will stone you to death or return you to their religion/lifestyle. In that case, you will never reach the salvation eternally".
21) Thus We made them knowledgeable so they might know that the promise of Allah is truth and there is no doubt about the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection]. When they disputed among themselves about their affairs. They said: "Build a simple structure over them. Their Rabb knows them better". And those who prevailed over their affairs said: "We will certainly build over them a masjid [schools that would prove the existence of Akhirat (Afterlife)]".
22,23,24,25) "They will say, "They are three and the fourth one is their dog", they will say, throwing stones into the unseen [guessing inaccurately, unreliably, inventing], "They are five and the sixth is their dog" and then "They are seven and the eighth is their dog" and then they say, "They remained in their great cave for three hundred years". And they have increased the number to nine. Say: "My Rabb knows their number better". Only a few people know about them. Therefore, do not argue about them with anything except that which is obvious and do not ask about them to anyone from them! And do not say about anything, "I will definitely do it tomorrow except if Allah wills". And remember Allah when you forget and say: "I hope my Rabb will guide me to what is closer to the right than this"!
26) Say: "Allah is the One Who knows best how long have the companions of the inscription remained". Only for Him are the unseen, the unheard, the unfelt, the past and the future of the heavens/universe and the earth. How good He sees, how good He hears! For them, there is no familiar person who helps, guides, protects from among those that are inferior to Allah. Allah does not share His dominion with anyone.
54) And indeed, We have diversified from every example in this Qur'an for the people. But, man is in dispute more than anything.
55) And when the righteous path [book, messenger] came to them, only that the "practices of the former ones should come to them or the punishment should come before them" prevented them from believing and asking their Rabb for forgiveness of their sins.
56) And We send messengers only as bringers of good tidings and warners. The infidels; those who consciously denied the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb struggle to eliminate/invalidate the truth with falsehood. And they have ridiculed Our Ayat and that with which they were threatened.
57) And who can do more wrong; act more against his own good than the one who keeps his distance away from the Ayat of his Rabb despite being given reminded with them and forgets [abandon, does not pay attention] about what his both hands have sent forth/done before? Indeed, We have made upon their hearts curtains and a heaviness to their ears that may prevent them from understanding the Qur'an very well. And even if you call them, in this case, they will never follow the righteous path they are guided.
58) And your merciful Rabb is very forgiving. If your merciful Rabb was to seize them immediately for their sins that they have committed, He would certainly have hastened the punishment for them. Rather, there is a term that is promised to them. They will never find a refuge from among those that are inferior to Him.
59) And the cities that We manipulated/destroyed when they did wrong; acted against their own good by associating others with Allah! And We had determined a time for them for their manipulation/destruction.
50) And when We said to the natural forces: "Submit to Adam" and all of them except Iblis/thinking ability submitted. Iblis was of the invisible creatures/of energy. Then he opposed to the command of his own Rabb. Now, do you take him and his descendants who are from among those that are inferior to Me as familiars who help, guide, protect? While they are enemies to you? What an evil exchange is this for those who do wrong; act against their own good by associating others with Allah!
51) I did not make them witness to the formation of the heavens/universe and the earth and to their own formation and I have never taken those who lead astray as assistants.
52) And on that day, Allah will say: Now call My partners that you wrongly believed in". And then they will call them but they will not respond to them. And We will place a barrier of fire between them.
53) And the sinners will see the fire and certainly believe that they will fall into it. And they will not find a place to escape from it and take refuge.
60) Once Moses said to his young boy: "I will not stop until I reach where two scholars gather or I will go for years".
61) And when they arrived to the "place where two scholars gather", they both left their depression/distress[#284]. That depression/distress went away with the help of the scholar.
62) When they passed, Moses said to his young boy: "Bring our morning meal, we have really got tired in this journey of ours".
63) The young boy said: "Have you seen/ever thought? When we took refuge to that Rock, I truly got rid of depression/distress, but my egoism kept me from mentioning it. Depression/distress perished in the scholar amazingly".
64) Moses said: "That is what we were looking for!". They immediately returned following their tracks.
65) Then they found a servant among Our servants to whom We had given a mercy from Us and taught a knowledge from Us.
66) Moses said to him: "May I follow you so that you may teach me from what you have been taught about the righteous path?".
67,68) And the knowledgeable servant said: "Indeed you will not be able to bear to have patience with me. And how will you have patience for the knowledge which you do not comprehend?".
69) Moses said: "If Allah wills, you will find me patient and I will not disobey you in any of your matters".
70) The knowledgeable servant said: "Then, if you follow me, do not ask me about anything until I mention to you about it as a reminder".
71) Then, they both walked; and when they eventually embarked the ship, the knowledgeable servant made defects on the ship. Moses said: "Have you made defects/torn it to drown those in it in the water? You have certainly done an amazing thing!".
72) The knowledgeable servant said: "Have I not told you that 'you would not be able to have patience with me'?
73) Moses said: "Do not punish me for what I have forgotten and do not give me a difficult in my matter!".
74) They set out again. Then they came across a young boy; the knowledgeable servant killed him. Moses said: "Have you killed a pure self even though he has not killed a self? You have certainly done an incomprehensible thing!".
75) The knowledgeable servant said: "Have I not told you that 'you would never be able to have patience with me'?".
76) Moses said: "If I ask you about anything after this, do not keep me as a companion! Indeed, I will not be offended if you send me away".
77) Then they set out again. And when they arrived a people of a town, they asked them for food. But they refused to offer them hospitality. Then, they found a wall there that was about to collapse. The knowledgeable servant restored it. Moses said: "If you had wished, you could definitely have taken a payment for this".
78,79,80,81,82) The knowledgeable servant said: "This is our separation. Now I will inform you the first meanings of that over which you were not able to have patience: "As for the ship; it belonged to some needy people who worked at the sea. So, I intended to make it defective. Because, there was a king ahead of them who seized all good, undamaged ships by force and took them. As for the young boy; his parents were believers. Because of that we feared that he would cause his parents transgress and drive them to disbelieve; consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb. Then we intended that 'their Rabb would give them a better one in purity and closer in mercy.' As for the wall; it belonged to two orphan boys and there was a treasure beneath it for them. Their father was a good man. Therefore, -as a mercy of your Rabb- your Rabb intended that they should reach the age of ability to distinguish between good and evil and take out their treasure. And I did not do it [restoring the wall] with my own accord. This is the first meaning of that over which you were not able to bear to have patience!".
83) And they ask you about the owner of two ages[#286]. Say: "I will recite to you a reminder from him:
84) Indeed, We gave to the owner of two ages rulership on the earth and gave him a reason from everything.
85) Then he followed a reason.
86) And when he arrived to the place where the revelation [wahy] sets, he found the revelation sinking in a dark mud [divine principles were removed from the life there]. And he found a people by it. We said: "O Dhul Qarnayn! You either punish them or treat about them well-nicely".
87,88) He said: "Whoever does wrong; acts against his own good by associating others with Allah, we will certainly punish him; then he will be returned to his Rabb and He will punish him with an unprecedented punishment. However, whoever believes and does righteous deeds, there is the best recompense for him. And We will say for him the easy from Our command".[#287]
89) Then the owner of two ages followed a reason.
90) Then he arrived to the place where the revelation [wahy] rises. He found the revelation rising over a people. We had made for them a shield with knowledge that is not revelation.
91) Thus it was! And We had encompassed that which was with him in terms of knowledge.[#288]
92) Then the owner of two ages followed a reason.
93) And when he reached between two covenants, he found a disobedient people [Khyber Jews] that was inferior to two peoples [people of Mecca and Medina],
94) The disobedient people [Khyber Jews] said: "O the owner of two ages! Indeed, the raiders[#289] and their commander [Muhammad and his army] are corrupters on this land [they have no knowledge on agriculture, waste the lands]. Therefore, should we grant you a tribute on the condition that you make a covenant between them and us?".
95) The owner of two ages said: "The opportunities which my Rabb has given me are better. Now assist me with your strength so I may make a strong covenant/treaty between you and them. Bring me the texts that include your offerings which you have prepared with your wisdom".
96) And when the target was level: "Prepare the covenant/treaty!". And when the covenant/treaty was prepared, he said: "Bring it so I may sign".
97) Then the people who did not understand a word were not able to pass over the strong covenant/treaty nor break it.[#290]
98) The owner of two ages said: "This strong covenant/treaty is a mercy from my Rabb. And when the promise of my Rabb comes, He will make it completely flat. The promise of my Rabb is truth".
99) And on the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection], We will leave those who associate others with Allah surging over each other like waves. And the Sur will be blown. Thus We will gather all of those who associate others with Allah together.
100,101) And on that day, We will expand Jahannah [Hell] for those infidels; who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb whose eyes were in a cover from My evidences/signs which remind Me and who were not able to heed to the revelation.
102) So did those infidels; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb think that they might take some familiars who help, guide, protect from among those that are inferior to Me? Indeed, We have prepared Jahannah [Hell] as a hosting feast (!) for the infidels; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb.
103,104) Say: "Should we inform of the greatest losers in deeds? They are those whose efforts are lost while they think that they produce good work".
105) They were the ones who consciously denied/disbelieved in the Ayat of their Rabb and meeting Him so, all deeds that they did have become worthless. On the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection], We will not take them into account/give them any importance.
106) Jahannah [Hell] will be their recompense for their disbelief; that they have consciously denied the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb and ridiculed My Ayat and messengers.
107,108) Indeed, those who have believed and done amendatory deeds, gardens of Firdevs will be presented for them wherein they will abide eternally. They will never desire to leave there.
109) Say: "If the sea was ink for the words of my Rabb, the sea would deplete before the words of my Rabb end, even if we brought as much of it again".
110) Say: "I am only a human like you. I have been revealed that your god is the Only and the One God. Then, whoever wishes to meet his Rabb, let him do righteous deed and not associate anyone in the worship of his Rabb".