The Night

1,2,3,4) Utter ignorance, light of the revelation; knowledge and genetic properties is the evidence that your works and efforts are indeed diverse and scattered.[#37]
5,6,7) Because of this, whoever gives his wealth/earning, enters under the guardianship of Allah and confirms the best, We will provide for him easiness for "the easiest".
8,9,10,11) But whoever withholds and sees himself free of need and denies the best, We will provide for him easiness for "the most difficult". His wealth will not save him when he falls headlong into manipulation, destruction/when he dies.
12,13) Guidance to the right and good is only upon Us. And the before and the after belong only to Us.
14,15,16) That is why, I have warned you of a fire which is blazing in which no one except those who deny, who turn away, those who are the most unhappy will enter.
17,18,19,20,21) The one who gives his wealth to purify himself without expecting a recompense in return, only seeking the countenance of his Sublime Rabb, who has entered under the guardianship of Allah will be kept away from it. And that one will definitely be satisfied soon.