The Prophets

1) Their account for the people has got closer. Yet they are the ones who keep away in heedlessness.
2,3) They listen to every new reminder that has come to them from their Rabb only while they are at play and with their hearts amused. And those who do wrong; act against their own good by associating others with Allah concealed this whisper among themselves: "Is this anything except a human like you? So, do you follow magic while you see?".
4) Say: "My Rabb knows every word in the heavens/universe and on the earth. And He is the One Who hears best, knows best".
5) Yet they said: "These are a mixture of dreams; rather, he has invented it; rather, he is a poet. Then let him bring us an evidence/a sign like those which were sent before him".
6) None of the cities that We destroyed before them had believed. So now, will they?
7) And We sent/made messenger before you only those mature ones to whom We have revealed. If you do not know, ask the People of the Reminder/People of the Book/those who have knowledge of revelation.
8) And We did not make those messengers dead bodies who did not eat. They were not eternal/immortal either.
9) Then We fulfilled the promise that We had given to them. Thus We saved them and those whom We willed. And We manipulated/destroyed those who had transgressed.
10) No doubt that We have sent down to you a book in which is your reminder/honor and glory. Will you still not reason despite this?
11) And We devastated many cities that did wrong; acted against their own good by associating others with Allah. And We made other peoples after them.
12,13) And when they felt the severity of Our punishment, they fled away from it. -Do not flee away, return to that in which you have been transgressing and your homes so you may be questioned.-
14) They said: "O woe to us! Surely, we were the ones who do wrong; act against our own good".
15) Their call did not stop until it made them like harvested crops and quenched furnaces/ashes.
16) And We did not form the heavens/universe and the earth and all that in between as the Ones Who play.
17) If We intended to take a diversion, we would definitely have taken it from Us, if We were to do so.
18) Rather, We dash the truth upon falsehood and it destroys it. Then you see that the falsehood has perished. O woe to you for what you ascribe to Allah!
19,20) And whoever is in the heavens/universe and on the earth belongs only to Him. Those who know Allah well and whom Allah values do not become arrogant and do not become weary of His worship, they purify Him from all deficiencies, day and night.
21) Or have they taken some deities from the earth and they will give life to/resurrect them?
22) If there had been other gods in the heavens/universe and on the earth beside Allah, both of these; the earth, heavens/universe would have definitely been in chaos/their order would have been distorted. Then purified is Allah, Rabb of the greatest throne[#300] from that which they ascribe to Him.
23) Allah, Rabb of the throne is not responsible for what He does but they will be responsible.
24) Or have they taken some gods from among those that are inferior to Him? Say: "Bring your solid proof. And that is the reminder for those who are with me and those who were before me". Rather, most of them do not know the truth. So, they are the ones who stay away.
25) And We did not send any messenger before you except that We revealed to him: "The truth is that there is no god but Me. Therefore, worship me".
26,27,28) And they said: "Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created] has taken a child". Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created] is purified from this. Rather, they are servants to whom bounties have been given. They can not precede Him in words; they only act by His command. He knows what is before and what is after whom they assumed to be the children of Rahman. And they can not aid/support other than those with whom He is pleased. And they shake in awe due to their deep respect and love to Him, fearing to be away from Him.
29) And whoever from among them says: "I surely am a god from among those that are inferior to Him", We will surely recompense him with Jahannah [Hell]. Thus We recompense those who do wrong; act against their own good by associating others with Allah.
30) And have the infidels; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb not seen that heavens/universe and the earth were a joined entity and We separated them and formed every living thing from water/liquid? Do they still not believe despite this?
31) And We made firm stakes within the earth so it may be a table for you/it may be suitable for agriculture. And We made many paths there so they may find the paths they are guided.
32) And We made the sky a protected ceiling. Yet they are the ones who stay away from the Ayat of the sky.
33) And He is the One Who formed the night, the day, the sun and the moon. They all float in an orbit.
34) And We did not grant to any man eternity before you either. So, if you die, are they the ones who live eternally?
35) Every creature with an identity will taste death. And We test you with evil and good to purify you. And you will be returned only to Us.
36) And when the infidels; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb see you, they only ridicule you; "Is it this who mentions your deities?". Yet they are the ones who consciously deny the remembrance of Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created], His reminder, the Book, the Qur'an.
37) Man was formed of haste. I will soon show you My signs. Now do not ask me to hasten.
38) And those who deny say: "If you are truthful, when is this promise?".
39) If only the infidels; those who consciously denied the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb knew the time when they will not be able to avert the fire from their faces and their backs and they will not be helped at all!
40) And this punishment will come to them unexpectedly and bewilder them. They will not be able to repel it and they will not be given respite.
41) And indeed, many messengers before you were ridiculed so, that which they ridiculed surrounded those who mocked among them.
42) Say: "Who can protect you at night and by day from Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created]?". Indeed they are the ones who keep away from the remembrance of their Rabb and His reminder.
43) Or are there some deities for them who protect them from Allah from among those that are inferior to Us? Those fake deities are not able to help themselves. And they are not supported by Us.
44) Actually, We let those infidels and their ancestors enjoy until life is long for them. So, do they not see that We set upon the earth and reduce it from its edges? Then, is it they who overcome?
45) Say: "I warn you only with the revelation". The deaf do not heed the call when they are warned.
46) And indeed, if a whiff from the punishment of your Rabb touches them, they will definitely say: "O woe to us! Indeed we are the ones who have done wrong; acted against our own good".
47) And We will place "the scales of justice and equity" for the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection]; no one will be treated unjustly at all. Even if it is the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it forth. And We are sufficient as accountant.
48,49) And surely, We gave Moses and Aaron the criterion and a light and the reminder for those who fear their Rabb in awe with respect, love, knowledge in the unseen, unheard and unfelt desolate place, who are apprehensive of the moment of Qiyamat [Resurrection], who have entered under the guardianship of Allah.
50) And the Qur'an is a blessed reminder that We have sent down. Now, are you the ones who do not introduce it, who prevent it from being known?
51,52) And surely, We gave Abraham his ability to distinguish between good and evil before. And We were the Ones Who knew him. And when Abraham said to his father and people: "What are the statues to which you insist to worship?".
53) They said: "We found our ancestors worshipping these".
54) Abraham said: "I swear that you and your ancestors are in an explicit astray".
55) They said: "Have you brought us the truth or are you among those who play?".
56,57) Abraham said: "Rather, your Rabb is Rabb of the heavens/universe and the earth, it is He Who created them from nothing. And I am also of those who testify this. I swear by Allah that after you turn and go away, I will definitely plot against your idols".
58) Then Abraham made these into pieces all except for the large one among them so they may return to it.
59) His people said: "Who did this to our idols? He surely is among those who do wrong; act against their own good".
60) Some of them said: "We heard a young man who mentions them. He is called "Abraham"".
61) They said: Then, bring Abraham before the people so they may testify him".
62) They said: "O Abraham! Is it you who did this to our idols?".
63) Abraham said: "Rather, that large one did it. Ask them if they are able to speak".
64) So, they turned to their inner selves and said: "Indeed, you are the ones who do wrong; act against their own good".
65) Then they returned to their minds again and said: "You have definitely known that these are not able to speak".
66,67) Abraham said: "Then, do you worship that which is from among those that are inferior to Allah that do not benefit you at all and do not harm you? Then woe to you and what you worship from among those that are inferior to Allah! Will you still not reason?".
68) His people said: "Make him burn [fire him, put him into distress] if you are the ones who do and help your gods".
69) We said: "O fire! Be cool and safe for Abraham".
70) And they intended to plot against him but We made them the ones who lose/suffer more.
71) And We saved and delivered Abraham and Lot to the lands which were blessed in abundance for the people of the time.
72) And We bestowed him Isaac and Jacob in addition. And We made them all righteous people.
73) And We made them leaders who guided by Our command. And We revealed to them to do good deeds, establish Salah [establish and maintain the institutions that support financially and spiritually; enlighten the community] and give zaqah; the tax that the believers sincerely give as a liability of belief and duty of servitude so that the religion of Allah may be spread, maintained and Salah may be established. And they were the ones who worshipped only to Us.
74) And Lot; We gave him a judgment and a knowledge. We saved him from the city which committed wicked deeds. They surely were an evil people, the ones who went astray from the righteous path.
75) And We admitted Lot into Our mercy. Indeed, he is among the righteous.
76) And Noah; when he called before, then We responded to him. Then We saved him, his family, the people who were close to him and his believers from the great affliction.
77) And We helped him against his people who denied Our Ayat. Surely, they were an evil people so We drowned them all together in water.
78) And David and Solomon; when they were judging about the crops upon which the sheep of the people spread at night. And We knew the law of the people.
79) Then We made Solomon to understand it immediately. And We gave them all judgment and knowledge. And We took mountains and birds under command/we created them in a way that people may benefit from them so they might purify Allah from all deficiencies along with David. And We are the Ones Who do.
80) And We taught him how to make armors for you to protect you from the evil of yourselves. So, are you the ones who repay for the blessings you have been given?
81) And for Solomon, We gave to his service the wind that stormed upon his command towards the lands in which We made blessings in abundance. And it is We Who know all.
82) And We gave to his service the devils that dived for him and other devils that do lesser jobs. And We were the protectors for them.
83,84) And as for Job; when he called his Rabb: "Indeed a harm touched me. You are the most merciful of those who are merciful" so We responded for him. We removed from him that which was harm. And We gave him back his family, the ones close to him, all that he had lost and the same amount additionally as a mercy of Ours and as a reminder to those who worship.
85) And Ishmael, Idris [Enoch?] and Dhul-Kifl [Ezekiel?], they were all among those who had patience.
86) And We admitted them into Our mercy. They surely were among the righteous.
87) And Dhun-Nun [possessor of sword; the one from Nineveh]; when he went in anger and thought that We would not put him in distress. Then in darkness he called: "There is no deity except You! I purify you. I surely have been among those who do wrong; act against their own good!".
88) Then We responded to him and saved him from distress/agony. Thus We save the believers.
89,90) And Zachariah; when he called to his Rabb: "My Rabb! Do not leave me alone; You are the best of inheritors" and We responded for him. And We bestowed him John. And We amended his wife/made her that she could give a birth. Indeed, they were racing in good deeds, and supplicating Us in hope and as being ideal people. And they felt a deep respect to Us.
91) And that woman who meticulously guarded her chastity; We informed her with our reliable knowledge. We made her and her son an evidence/a sign for the mankind.
92) Surely, this is your community as the one united community. And I am your Rabb. Then worship Me.
93) Yet those who associate others with Allah shattered their affair among themselves. All will return only to Us.
94) Therefore, whoever does amendatory deeds while he has believed; there will be no ungratefulness for his effort. We indeed are the Ones Who write it.
95) And there is a prohibition upon a city that We manipulated/destroyed: "They surely will not return!".
96) And when the raiders and their commander[#301] are opened, they come out swarming from the high hill.
97) And when the true promise has approached, eyes of the infidels; those who consciously denied the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb will pop out: "O woe to us! We surely have been unaware of/apathetic to this. Indeed we were the ones who did wrong; acted against our own good".
98) Indeed, you and those whom you worship from among those that are inferior to Allah are the wood/fuel of Jahannah [Hell]; you will enter there.
99,100) If those whom were worshipped from among those that are inferior to Allah were gods, they would not enter there. And they all will abide there eternally. They will have a moan there. And they will not hear anything there.
101,102) Indeed, those for whom "The Best" is prepared by Us; they will be taken away far from Jahannah [Hell]. They will not hear the moaning of Jahannah [Hell]. They will abide eternally among that which their selves desire.
103) And that greatest fear will not grieve them and the harbingers of good tidings will remind them: "This is your day which you have been promised".
104) When We will fold the heavens/universe like the folding of the books, as We began the first formation, We will repeat it. -as a promise given from Us- Indeed, We are the doers.
105) And surely, after the Reminder/Torah, We decreed, 'Indeed, the earth will be inherited only by My righteous servants' in the Psalms as well.
106) Indeed, there is definitely a message in the Qur'an which is delivered for a people who worship.
107) And We have sent you only as a mercy/for mercy for universes.
108) Say: "I am revealed that 'Your god is the One God'. Now, are you Muslims?".
109,110,111) If they turn away despite this, say: "I have explained to you straight/equally/unbiased and I do not know if that with which you are threatened is close or far. Indeed, Allah knows what is disclosed of speech and that which you conceal as well. I do not know 'perhaps this delay is to test you and let you enjoy for a time'".
112) Say: "My Rabb! Judge among us in truth" and "Our Rabb is Allah Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created; the One Whose help is sought against what you describe".