Das Unvermeidliche Ereignis

135,1,2,3,4,5,6,7) Say: "Everyone waits. So you, wait too. Indeed, you will know who owns the sound path and who follows the righteous path he is guided soon; when that event occurs - and no one denies the occurrence of that event. That event is what brings down, raises - when the earth is shaken with shaking and mountains are broken down,crumbling and turn to dust and when you become three equivalent classes, you will know.
8) And the companions of the right; what are the companions of the right?
9) And the companions of the left; what are the companions of the left?
10) And the forerunners are the forerunners.
11) The forerunners are those brought close.
12) And the forerunners are in the gardens of Bliss.
13,14,24,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,25,26) Many are from the former ones and a few are from the later ones. They are upon thrones woven with gems as a recompense for what they did. They recline on them, facing each other. Around them will circulate pitchers, ewers, cups filled at the springs - no headache will they have from it, nor will they be intoxicated -, fruits of what they like, meat of fowl from whatever they desire; never-growing children, and large eyed ones like hidden pearls. They will not hear therein vain talk, nonsense and that which will cause them to waste their time/to delay the good/to make reluctant for the good/to harm. Only a saying: "Salam [health, peace, happiness...], salam [health, peace, happiness...]!".
27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34) And the companions of the right; what are the companions of the right? They will be among thorne-free lote trees, bananas/acacias lined with fruits, extended shadows, gushing water, many fruits that do not end; deplete and are not forbidden and raised mattresses.
35,36,37,38) Surely, We created the lote, banana, shadows, gushing water with such a creation. Then, We made them attractive and untouched and at the same level for the companions of the right.
39,40) A community, many are from the former ones. And another community is from the later ones.
41) And the companions of the left; what are the companions of the left?
42,43,44,45,46,47,48) They will be in a fire that penetrates into them and scalding water, they are in a shadow of pitch black smoke which is neither cool nor pleasant. Surely, the companions of the left are those who have indulged in wealth and joy before this. And they persisted in the great sin; associating others with Allah. And they said: "Will we be resurrected after we die and become a pile of dust and bones? And our ancestors as well?".
49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56) Say: "Indeed, the former ones and the later ones will be gathered on a certain time of the known day at the appointment area. Then, indeed, you who have gone astray from the righteous path, you deniers! You will definitely eat from a tree of zaqqum so that you will fill your bellies with it. Then, you will drink scalding water on top of it. And you will drink like camels that are thirsty to death". -This is their feast on the day of religion?.-
57,58,59) It is We Who formed you; should you not admit? So, have you ever thought about that which you emit [semen, ovary]? Is it you who form it or is it We Who form?
60,61) It is We Who have decreed death among you. And We are not the Ones Who can be prevented in replacing you with your likenesses and build you in that which you do not know.
62) And indeed, you have learned, you know about the first creation. Then, should you not think about it and remember?
63) And, have you ever thought about what you sow?
64) Is it you who make it grow or is it We Who make grow?
65,66,67,68) If We had willed, We would certainly have turned it into a dry debris so you would have marveled and said: "Indeed, we are in debt! Or more accurately, we are such people who are deprived of all what they have!": Then, have you ever thought about the water you drink?
69) Is it you who sent it down from the clouds or is it We Who send down?
70) Had We willed, We could have made it salty. Then, should you not repay for it?
71) And, have you ever thought about the fire/oxygen you burn?
72) Is it you who produced tree of the fire/oxygen or is it We Who produce?
73) We have made the fire/oxygen a lesson/reminder and a benefit for the travelers in the desert.
74) Then, purify the name of your glorious Rabb/keep it away from all deficiencies/teach that He is purified from all deficiencies!
75,76,77,78,79,80) No. The divisions/times and locations of each Ayah sent down with each revelation is the evidence that - and it is a great evidence if you know - indeed it is the noble Qur'an. It is in a protected/maintained book. No one but those who are mentally purified may establish relation with it. It is sent down by Rabb of all universes.
81) Now, do you despise this Word/the Qur'an?
82) And do you make your living by denying/repay for the provisions given by denying?
83,84,85) But when the soul comes to the throat, then, you wait before it, but We are closer to it than you. But you do not see.
86,87) Then, so if you are not to be recompensed, why do not you turn back that soul that reaches to the throat, if you are among the truthful?
88,89) But if he is of those who are brought close, then there is Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] of comfort, provision of pleasant smell and abundant blessings.
90,91) And if he is of the companions of the right; then salam [health, peace, happiness...] for you from the companions of the right!
92,93,94) But if he is of the deniers who have gone astray from the righteous path; then a feast of scalding water! And being thrown into Jahannah [Hell]!
95) Indeed, what We convey is what is the certain information, the truth.
96) Then, purify the name of your great Rabb/teach that He is purified from all deficiencies'!