Der Dschinn

1,2,3) Say: "It has been revealed to me that a group of strangers listened to the Qur'an and said: "Indeed we have heeded a fascinating Qur'an that guides to the path of the ability of distinguishing between good and evil. Therefore, we have believed in it and we will never associate anything with our Rabb. The truth is that the glory of our Rabb is exalted. He has not taken a female companion and a child.
4,5) And surely, "our fool one" has been saying nonsense about Allah. Truly, we thought that those who we know and those we do not would never say lies about Allah.
6) Indeed, some of the people among the ones that we know very well sought refuge in some of the people among the strangers that we do not know. Thus, those strangers increased their transgression and foolishness.
7) Truly, they had thought as you did, that Allah would never send anyone as a prophet/Allah would never resurrect anyone.
8,9,10) And truly, we have touched to the heavens/universe and found it filled with mighty guardians and bright flames. And surely, we sat to the places which were for hearing from the heavens/universe. Now, whoever tries to hear finds for himself a flaming fire that observes. And we do not know if evil is intended for those on the earth or their Rabb intended right course for them.[#124]
11) Surely, we; some of us are among those who are righteous, and some of us are inferior to this. We were on various paths.
12,13) And certainly, we have understood very well that we will never incapacitate Allah on the earth, and we will never incapacitate Him by escaping either. And when we listened to that guidance/the Qur'an, we believed in it. Therefore, whoever believes in his Rabb will not fear that he will be deprived of his right and he will be treated unjustly/befooled and he will be burdened with a heavy weight.
14,15) And truly, as for our situation; Muslims are among us, those who do wrong; act against their own good are among us as well. However, whoever have become Muslim, they are among those who seek for the good, the right, the beautiful, the truth. However, as for those who do wrong; act against their own good about faith, they will be wood for Jahannah [Hell]".
16,17) And if they had really remained straight on that path, then We would have given them plenty of water to make them purify themselves. Whoever keeps away from the remembrance of his Rabb; from the Qur'an, He will put him into a continuously increasing punishment.
18) And surely, the masjids [school][#125] are for Allah. Therefore, do not invoke anyone with Allah.
19) And the truth is that when the servant of Allah/the Prophet stood up/moved inviting to Him, a group of those strangers would surround him, almost being clamped together.
20) Say: "I definitely invoke my Rabb and never associate anything with Him".
21) And say: "Indeed, I am not capable of leading you to harm and good, evil, to what is right".
22,23) Say: "The truth is that no one but being His messenger and the tasks assigned upon me by Him can save me from Allah. I can never find a refuge from among those that are inferior to Him. So, whoever disobeys Allah and His messenger, the fire of Jahannah [Hell] is for him. They will abide there eternally.
24) And finally, as soon as they see what they have been threatened with, they will know who is weaker in helpers and fewer in number.
25,26,27,28) And say: "I do not know whether what you have been threatened with is close, or your Rabb will give you a long respite. My Rabb is the One Who knows all what is unseen, unheard, unfelt, the past and the future. And He does not inform anyone concerning that which is unseen, unheard and unfelt, and about the past and the future other than those He has chosen from the messengers with whom He is pleased. Because, He sends observers from all around him so that he may know that he accurately conveys what his Rabb sends. He has surrounded all that which is with them, and enumerated everything in number".