1) Ya/10, Sin/60.[#126]
2,3,4,5,6) The Qur'an that contains the laws/that is prevented from corruption which is sent down by the One Who is the most exalted, the most powerful, the most honorable, the invincible/the subduer, the possessor of vast mercy so you may warn with it those people whose ancestors were not warned and thus who are apathetic is the evidence that you are among those messengers and indeed you are on a straight path.
7) Indeed, the Word[#127] has come into effect upon many of these people whose ancestors have not been warned. Now, they do not believe.
8,9,10) Surely, We have put iron shackles on their necks. So high they reach to their chins. Thus their noses are aloft. And We have put a barrier before them and a barrier after them. Thus We have surrounded them. Now they do not see. And it is the same for them whether you warn them or not, they will not believe.
11) Surely, you warn the one who follows the Qur'an which is a reminder and who fears Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created] in awe with respect, love, knowledge even in unseen, unheard, unfelt places. Give him the good tidings of forgiveness and a very noble reward.
12) Indeed, it is only We, We Who resurrect the dead. And We write what they have sent forth before and their work. Then, We have enumerated everything in "an explicit pioneer/the Qur'an".
13) Present to those apathetic people the example of the people of that city. When the messengers came to it.
14) When We sent them two messengers, and they denied both of them. Then We strengthened with the third one and they said: "Indeed, we are messengers to you".
15) Then they said: "You are only humans like us. And Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created] has not sent down anything. You are only telling lies".
16,17) And the messengers said: "Our Rabb knows that we are truly messengers sent to you. And our duty is only to convey clearly".
18) Then the people of that city said: "Surely, you are an evil omen for us. If you do not desist, indeed we will stone you to death and a painful punishment will touch you from us".
19) And the messengers said: "Your evil omen is with yourselves. Is it because you have been reminded? Rather, you are a transgressing people".
20,21,22,23,24,25) Meanwhile, there came a man from the farthest side of the city, running. He said: "O my people! Follow the messengers! Follow those who do not ask you any payment, for they have found "the righteous path that is guided". What is the matter with me so I should not worship the One Who created me from nothing? And you will be returned only to Him. Do I ever take idols from among those that are inferior to Him? If Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created] intends a punishment upon me, help and intercession of the idols will not avail me at all and those idols can not save me. Indeed, I would be in an explicit astray if I took idols. Surely, I have believed in your Rabb. So heed me!".
26,27) It was said: "Enter Jannah [Heaven/Paradise]!". And he said: "I wish my people could know that my Rabb has forgiven me and made me one of those who are honored".
28,29) And We did not send down an army upon his people, and We would not. Only a scream! Then you see that they were extinguished.
30) O! Alas for the servants for they ridiculed every messenger who had come to them.
31,32) Have they not seen that We manipulated, destroyed many generations before them and they will not return to them? They all will be gathered and brought present before Us.
33) And dead earth is a sign for apathetic people. We have given life to it and brought grains forth from it and they eat from it.
34,35) And We placed gardens of palm trees and grapevines so they may eat its crops and what they produce with their hands. We caused springs to burst water in them. Will they still not repay for the blessings that they have been given?
36) Purified is the One, Who forms pairs from the plants of the earth, from their own selves and from many things that they would not know, from all deficiencies.
37) And the night is a sign for apathetic people. We strip the day off the night so they are immediately in the darkness.
38) And the sun which runs for the end that was predetermined for itself is also a sign for apathetic people. This is the arrangement of Allah Who is almighty and the One Who knows everything.
39) And the moon for which We have determined phases until it returns like an old, dry date stalk, is also a sign for apathetic people.
40) It is not appropriate for the sun to reach the moon. And the day is not allowed to overtake the night. And in an orbit they all swim.
41,42) Surely, it is a sign for apathetic people that We carried their descendants on a laden ship and that We have formed for them the likes of it that which they may ride.
43,44) And if We willed, We would drown them in the water -except for a mercy and an enjoyment; a respite from Us until a time- and there would be no one to respond to their cries. And they would not be saved.
45,46) And when it was said to them: "Enter under the guardianship of Allah against the troubles that will come to you in Akhirat [Afterlife] so you may be shown mercy, and what had came to former peoples may not come to you in what you have done in the past and you will do in the future/in your past and future mistakes" and any of the Ayat of their Rabb came to them, they only became those who stayed away from it.
47) And when it was said to them: "Spend from that which Allah has provided you; provide sustenance for others as well", the infidels; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb said for those who have believed: "Is it we who will give opportunities to the one whom Allah could have given if He had willed so he might earn his living? You are in a clear astray".
48) And apathetic people say: "If you are among those who are truthful, when is the threat that has been promised?".
49,50) And while they are disputing between one another, they will come up against a single scream which will seize them. Then they will not be able to give even their wills. And they will not be able to return to their families, to the people close to them.
51) And the Sur will be blown.[#128] And then they will hasten to their Rabb from their graves at once.
52) They will say: "Woe to us! Who has raised us/waken us up from where we have been sleeping? This is that which Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created] had promised. The messengers that were sent told the truth".
53,54) And there will be only a single scream. And then they will be "ready" before Us. So no one will be treated unjustly by any means today. And you will be recompensed only for what you did.
55) Truly, the companions of Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] will have an occupation while they are amused.
56) They and the partners presented to them will recline on their couches, under shadows.
57) Only for them will be the fruits. They will have all they wish.
58) "Salam [health, peace, happiness...]!" will be the word from Rabb, Who is the possessor of vast mercy.
59) And o sinners! Stand apart today!
60,61,62,63,64) Did I not enjoin upon you, saying: "O mankind! Do not worship satan, indeed he is an explicit enemy to you, but worship Me; this is the straight path and indeed satan already led many generations astray from among you"? Were you still not the ones who used their reason? This is Jahannah [Hell] which you have been promised. Lean onto it today for that which you denied/disbelieved consciously!
65) Today We will seal their mouths; their hands will speak to us and their feet will testify to that which they have earned.
66) If We had willed, We would have made them blind/depleted their lineage so they would have wandered. Then, how could they see?
67) And if We had willed, We would have deformed them wherever they were so they would not be able to proceed nor return.
68) And whoever We grant long life, We reverse him/make him upside down in formation. Despite this, will they still not use their reason?
69,70) And We did not teach him the poetry. That would not suit him anyway. It is only a reminder; the Qur'an sent down to warn those who are alive and to prove that the Word[#129] is true upon those infidels; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb.
71) Have they not seen that We have indeed formed various livestock for them from what our strength put forth, and they own them.
72) And We made them inferior for them. Therefore, their rides are from them. And they eat from them.
73) And many more benefits and drink are in them. Will they still not repay for the blessings they have been given and be ungrateful?
74) And they have taken deities/gods from among those that are inferior to Allah so they may be helped.
75) They are not able to help them. Yet, those who take so-called gods are soldiers who are ready for them.
76) So, let their speech not grieve you. Surely, We know what they conceal and what they disclose.
77) And has that person not seen that We formed him from a drop of semen/a drop of water/liquid, and now he is an explicit enemy?
78) And he has presented for Us an example, not considering his own formation: He said: "Who will resurrect those bones? While they are decomposed!".
79,80) Say: "The One Who formed them the first time will resurrect them. And He is the One Who knows every formation very well. He is the One who made fire/oxygen from a green tree for you. Now, you burn oxygen.
81) Is the One Who formed the heavens/universe and the earth, not the One Who possesses the power to form many more like them? Yes, indeed, He is! And He is the One Who forms perfectly, knows very well.
82) Indeed, when He intends a thing, His command/affair is to say to that thing "Be!" and it immediately is.
83) Then, Allah Who has the possession and the dominion of everything in His hands is purified from all deficiencies. And only to Him you will be returned".