Der Goldschmuck

1) Ha/8, Mim/40.[#268]
2,3) The explicit book/the book which clarifies is the evidence that We have made it a reading in Arabic so you might use your reason.
4) And surely, the Qur'an is very exalted in the main source that is with Us and it contains laws, it is incorruptible/prevented from corruption.
5) Then should We desist from sending you that Reminder/the Qur'an because you have become a transgressing people?
60) And if We had willed, We would have made angels of you to succeed you on the earth.[#269]
6,7,8) And We had sent many prophets to the former ones. They certainly ridiculed every prophet who came to them, then We seized and manipulated/destroyed those who were stronger than them in power. And the example of the former ones has preceded.
9) And surely, if you asked them: "Who has formed the heavens/universe and the earth?", they would definitely say: "The One Who is the most exalted, the most powerful, the invincible/the subduer, the One Who knows very well has formed them".
10) And Allah is the One Who has made the earth a cradle for you. And He made various paths therein so you might follow the righteous path you are guided.
11) And Allah is the One Who has sent down water from the sky in a certain measure. Then We have given life to a dead land with it. Thus you will be brought forth.
12,13,14) And He formed all pairs and you mount their backs and settle on them. And He made of animals and ships for you that which you ride so you may say by remembering the blessings of your Rabb when you settle on them: "Purified is Allah, Who has given these to our service/created these in such characteristics so we may benefit. Otherwise, we could not subdue these. Indeed, only to our Rabb we will return".
15) And they attributed from His servants a portion to Him. Surely, man is an explicit ungrateful.
16) Or has He taken daughters from what He formed and chosen sons for you?
17) When one of them is given the good tidings of a daughter/what he attributes to Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created], his face becomes dark. And he gulps over and over.
18) Or do they choose the one who is placed among jewelry and not clear in a dispute?
19) And they have made the angels, who are servants of Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created], females. Did they witness their formation? Their testimonies will be written and they will be questioned.
20) And they said: "Had Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created] willed, we would not have worshipped them". They have no knowledge of this. They are just inventing.
21) Or have We given them a book before this so now they cling onto it?
22) Rather, they said: "Indeed, we found our ancestors upon these people with a leader, and we are those who have been reached to the righteous that we are guided on their footsteps".
23) And thus, every time We sent a warner to a city before you, arrogant wealthy of that place have certainly said: "Indeed, we found our ancestors upon a community with a leader. And we surely are the ones who follow their footsteps".
24) The warner who was sent said: "Even if I have brought you better than that upon which you found your ancestors?". They said: "Surely, we are the ones who consciously deny/disbelieve in that with which you have been sent".
25,26,27,28) So, We seized them, maintained justice by recompensing them. Look how was the end of those who denied! And when Abraham once said to his father and his people: "Surely I am away from that which you worship. - Except for the One Who created me from nothing - Surely, He will guide me to the righteous path". Abraham made this statement a word to remain among his successors so they might return.-
29) Quite contrary, I gave enjoyment to them and their ancestors until the truth and a messenger who clarifies came to them.
30) And when the truth came to them, they said: "This is a magic and we are the ones who consciously deny/disbelieve in it".
31) And they said: "Why was this Qur'an not sent down to a great man from these two cities?".
32) Are they the ones who distribute the mercy of your Rabb? It is We Who have distributed their livelihood among them in this simple worldly life. We have raised some of them above some of others in degrees so they may make use of one another for service. And the mercy of your Rabb is better than that which they accumulate.
33,34,35) And if the people were not to become a community with a leader who consciously deny the truth, We would have made ceilings of silver and stairways of silver for them to mount, doors for the homes of those who consciously deny/disbelieve in Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created], couches upon which they recline and golden ornaments. All these are nothing but enjoyment of simple worldly life. Akhirat [Afterlife], on the other hand, is for those who have entered under the guardianship of Allah.
36,37) And whoever is blinded from the reminder of Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created] and His remembrance, We appoint for him a devil and he is for him a contemporary/follower; and indeed, contemporaries/followers avert those who are blinded from the path. And they think that they are upon the righteous path that they are guided.
38) And when he finally comes to us, he says: "I wish that there was a distance between you and me as it is between the east and the west". -Then, how an evil follower/contemporary this is!-
39) And today your regret will not benefit you at all. When you do wrong; act against your own good by associating others with Allah, you are sharing in the punishment.
40) Then, is it you who will make the deaf hear? Or is it you who will guide the blind and those who are in an explicit astray?
41) And even if We take you away, We will definitely maintain justice by recompensing them.
42) Or We show you the punishment which We have promised them. Because We possess power over them.
43) Then cling onto what you have been revealed. Indeed, you are upon a straight path.
44) And indeed, what has been revealed to you [the Qur'an] is truly a reminder/honor-prestige for you and your people. You will be questioned soon.
61,62) And surely, what has been revealed to you [the Qur'an] is a knowledge for the moment of Qiyamat [Resurrection]: "Do not doubt about the moment of Qiyamat [Resurrection] and follow me. This is the righteous path. And never let satan avert you. Surely, he is an explicit enemy for you."[#270]
45) And ask those We sent before you of Our messengers; research, think, explore! "Have we made deities to be worshipped from among those that are inferior to Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created]?".
46) And surely, We sent Moses to Pharaoh and his chiefs as a messenger with Our Ayat/evidences/signs and he said: "I am truly the messenger of Rabb of all universes".
47) And when Moses brought Our Ayat/evidences/signs to them, they laughed at the Ayat at once.
48) And each evidence/sign that We showed them was indeed greater than the previous evidence/sign. And We seized them with punishment so they might return.
49) They said: "O magician! Invoke your Rabb for us for your covenant/the promise He has given you. Surely, we will follow the righteous path to which we are guided".
50) But whenever We removed our punishment from them, then they broke their word at once.
51,52,53) And Pharaoh called out among his people: "O my people! Do not the kingdom of Egypt and the rivers that flow beneath me belong to me? Do you still not see? Or am I not better than that man who is insignificant; who hardly expresses himself? And why have not bracelets of gold placed upon him or have not angels in ranks come with him?".
54) Pharaoh passivated; rendered his people unqualified so they obeyed him. Indeed, they were a people who had gone astray from the righteous path.
55,56) And when We were displeased with them at last, We maintained justice by recompensing them. Then We drowned them all in the water. Then We made them predecessors and an example for the ones who will come later.
57) And when Jesus, son of Mary, is presented as an example, your people go away from it while they keep their distance.
58) And your people said: "Are our deities better or is he, Muhammad/Jesus?". They presented this example only to argue with you. In fact, they are an hostile people.
59) Jesus was only Our servant to whom We bestowed favor and whom We made an example for Israelites.
63,64) And when Jesus came with explicit proofs, he said: "I have brought you the laws, rules and principles that are set forth to prevent injustice and chaos and I have come to make clear to you some of that over which you differ. So, enter under the guardianship of Allah and obey me. Surely, Allah; He is my Rabb and your Rabb. So worship Him. This is a righteous path".
65) But groups differed over Jesus between each other. O woe to those who do wrong; act against their own good by associating others with Allah because of the punishment of a painful day!
66) Do they expect anything other than the moment of Qiyamat [Resurrection] to come to them unexpectedly while they do not perceive?
67) On that day, all leaders/those who follow each other except for those who have entered under the guardianship of Allah will be enemy of each other.
68,69,70,71,72,73) "O My servants who have believed in Our Ayat and have been Muslims! There will be no fear for you today and you will not grieve. Enter Jannah [Heaven/Paradise], you and your partners, being the hosted ones! -Trays and cups of gold will be circulated around those who entered under the guardianship of Allah. And there will be whatever the selves desire and delight the eyes.- And you will abide therein eternally. And this is Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] which you are made to inherit for what you did. There are many fruits for you. You will eat from them".
74,75,76) Certainly, sinners will be in the punishment of Jahannah [Hell] eternally. It will not be subsided from them. They will be in despair therein as well. And We did not treat them unjustly but they were the ones did wrong; acted against their own good by associating others with Allah.
77) And they will call: "O Malik [guardian in Jahannah]! Let your Rabb put an end to us". Malik [guardian in Jahannah] will say: "Indeed, you will remain like this".
78) Indeed, We have brought you the truth. But most of you consider the truth bad.
79) Or have they secured/guaranteed the matter? We surely are those who secure the matter.
80) Or do they think that We do not hear their secrets and whispers? Indeed We do! And Our messengers who are with them are recording.
81) Say: "If there had been a child for Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created], in that case, I would have been the first of worshippers".
82) Purified is Rabb of the heavens/universe and the earth, Rabb of the greatest throne[#271] from that which they describe.
83) So leave them right away, let them be in vain and amuse themselves until they meet the day which they were promised.
84) And He is the One Who is deity in the heavens/universe and deity on the earth. And He is the One Who is the best law maker, the One Who precludes corruption best/makes incorruptible, knows very well.
85) And how generous is Allah to whom belongs the dominion of the heavens/universe and the earth and all that is in between them. The knowledge of the moment of Qiyamat [Resurrection] is only with Him. And you will be returned only to Him.
86) And the ones whom they invoke from among those that are inferior to Him are not able to possess to help, support, intercede. Except the One Who testifies to the truth. They also know.
87) And surely, if you asked them who formed them, they would definitely say: "Allah". So, how are they deluded?
88) And that he says, "My Rabb! Indeed these are a people who do not believe" is an evidence...
89) Then turn away from them and say: "Salam [health, peace, happiness...]". Soon they will know.