Die Stadt

1,2,3,4) Not as you think! All the people who live in this city; all the people reproduced and lived from the first human is the evidence that, We have certainly formed man into a hardship. And you are one of these people; you will also be in hardship.[#78]
5) Does he think that anyone will never overcome him?
6,7) He says: "I have spent wealth in abundance!" Does he think that no one ever sees him?
8,9) Have We not given him two eyes, a tongue and two lips?
10) And We have shown him the distinct two paths.
11) But he has not rushed to that steep ramp.
12) And what has made you know what that steep ramp is?
13,14,15,16,17) It is freeing of slave or feeding an orphan who is around on a day of severe hunger or those poor, jobless in misery. And then being among those who have believed and advise patience to one another and advise mercy to one another.
18) Those are the companions of happiness, high positions.
19,20) And those who conceal Our Ayat are the ones who are the companions of the ominous-sinister. Upon them is a fire, gates of which are closed very tightly.